Posted on: January 21, 2021 Posted by: Simona Höglund Comments: 0

The Year of Outdoor Escapes is here!

Happy 2021 to all of you, outdoor enthusiasts, who like to follow us on our Scandinavian escapades!

The new year has finally arrived, and many of us are setting up our New Years´ resolutions and plans for 2021, leaving the year, which turned all of our lives upside down, behind. You are probably trying to start making plans for the next coming 12 months; your holidays, where you want to go and what you want to experience. This year will most likely continue to be way different than what we were used to, due to the continuing pandemic and the most certain fact: COVID-19 will still be with us…

But we do not need to give up on our hope and dreams of travelling and experiencing new things completely. We just need to re-define them. Last year really showed us that we must be flexible and able to quickly adjust to whatever difficult situation coming our way. Nothing is given or written in stone! We must be agile and willing to change plans thousands of times and yet still count with that nothing might happen.

Yes, it is frustrating and yes, maybe we won´t be able to travel abroad but this is not the end of the world. Each country we all are living in, is beautiful on its own and offers so much to discover! We do not need to travel the world to find beautiful places. They are here, within the borders we all feel stuck in. So, let´s start discovering!

Re-draft your “bucket list” and see the outdoor opportunities which are in front of you!

When we at Scandinavian Escapes are looking at our own plans for 2021, we see a bright future for our outdoor adventures. Our list of places where we want to go and do, within the borders of our country, is quite a long one.

We almost feel like that one year is not enough!  You do not need to climb Kilimanjaro or run through the Amazon forest to call it an adventure. Adventures are everywhere around us. You just need to define what an adventure could be for you, plan it and then execute. Not just keep dreaming about doing what you could be doing. It is as simple as that!

You are the architect of your adventures and you can come with whatever you feel like doing. The palette is limitless and defined only by how much time and effort you are willing to invest.

Therefore, in order to inspire you that you don´t need to plan for the world´s longest or most challenging expedition, which needs months of preparation, we came up with a small project for this year which does not require any extensive planning.

Once in a month we will do a small one-night expedition. Somewhere where we can be outdoors and just enjoy being out in the nature. Best would be a place where we never been before, but this does not necessarily need to be far away from the place we live. Sometimes we as a people would travel the world without truly knowing our own neighborhood or even our backyard. Now it´s time to change it!

One night & two days – that could be a weekend, right? And who does not have a weekend to spare for something cool? Something new and motivating! or why not even exciting and maybe just a tad adventurous?

Are you with us?

Let´s then start the Year of Small Outdoor Escapes!

Simona & Nicklas